Android and Applications

The trend of mobile phones for the last 10 years have made the technological world more useful and appreciating in every individual’s eye. During all the mobile operating systems, the recent and latest invention is Android.

Popularity & Android and Application’s Introduction

The popularity of Android cell phones and the applications developed using Android platform have made the world crazy. The Android based applications vary in many categories. A recent research shows that about more than 190 countries around the world are busy in using Android devices and its different software applications. Among many mobile phone applications, Android makes the leading foundation for a lot of cellular phone brands and applications. Its user database is still growing bigger and bigger each day. Every person is starting to use Android phones by the installation of games, digital contents, social networks and leading search engine optimizers.

android and applications

Android Platform

The Android platform gives the best features for creating as well as downloading many social, business and other enjoyable applications. Not only this, there is an open marketing online system available for the users and lovers of Android platform. The ability to distribute them easily is also one of the largest services provided by the developers of Android.

Android Versions

The excellences in the versions of Android have been seen since it was started. The recent largest used version of Android is Jellybean. Others like Froyo, Éclair, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Kitkat are all great versions of Android. As the name shows the attracting strategy to attract users more, are really admiring the users of Android very much. Every version itself provides the users best applications and internal software that one has always wanted.

Thus, the applications are consumed strongly and the increasing growth in the consumption of Android applications has made it the most wanted among the customers.

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