Android Phones vs IPhones

Android operating system is used mainly for touch screens interfaces such as smartphones or tablets. To differentiate between iPhones and android phones we need to see where iPhones are taking advantage over android ones while what compels users to switch from one another. When looking for any smart phone it gets difficult to choose from android phones or iPhones, because both offers great deal of features that seems similar and hard to differentiate.


Buying a smartphone what qualities one considers is to be taken into mind. Based on what traits some people would go for Apple iPhones while other would choose android phones. To discuss the relativeness of both, certain criteria have to be chosen. List below are the characteristics that one should notice in deciding which phone to buy.

1.      Hardware Choice:

Apple is the only company which is making iPhones while Google android has given rights to different companies to make their own type of hardware for phones. Apple has tight controls over its soft wares and hardware and so it shows consistency over its phones features or experience. On the other hand android phones vary a bit in size, quality orfeatures. While user may want variety and so it may choose different model of phones android offers.

2.      Operating System:

Apple offers its users latest and updated versions of operating system while android phones are very slow because Google takes time to update their phones to latest android OS releases.

3.      Applications:

Google have more relaxed policy in android phones for paly store while apple is famous for more strict in what apps to allow and what not. Nearly iPhones and android phones have almost same amount of apps in app store and play store respectively which is around 9000,000.

4.      Battery life:

Both have same issue in dealing with the battery life. It depends upon the amount of apps and type of hardware installed in the phone. Both need charge almost daily. There are some android phones that have ultra-high capacity battery which can go for longer times.

5.      Size:

Considering for big screens, then android is your choice. It tends to give users a bigger and wider look on all the apps and becomes easier to identify what’s in there. Large phones are sometimes difficult to handleand consume more battery power.Apple made the screen taller, but not wider.

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