Benefits of Android mobile phone

Android has become a need rather than luxury these days. The growing demand of smart phones and mobile phone devices has increased the demand and popularity of Android application development, and as a result there are lots of companies which are available in the market which are developing android applications.


Some of the major benefits of Android mobile phones are as follows:

•Android is based on Linux which facilitates easy accessibility to rich development environment and core functionality of the mobile device.

• It allows quick information gathering. It also provides the accurate information sought.
• The development tools are easy to use and all information and services are provided to the developers without any biasness.

• It provides rich browser facilities as well. This facilitates the developer to provide enhanced services.

•The Android platform is completely open source which means that the source code is available to the public.

•Android devices have great hardware support.

•Android devices tend to be less smooth and sleek than Apple devices.

•Multitasking can be done easily.

•You cannot miss a single notification whether it is SMS, email or even a missed call as there’s always be a notification on your home screen and a blinking LED indicator.

•There are thousands of applications and games that are ready for download.

•Android is available on mobile phones from various manufacturers, from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC or Samsung; so that you can chose your favorite brand.

•You can easily access a variety of settings quickly and easily from the widgets on the home screen.

•Synchronization of data is easy by backing up all your necessary information.

•Customization – due to the growth of the Android Market anyone can create his apps.

•You can install a task manager for speed because some application can remain opened and run in the background, and with a Task Manager the phone will not slowdown.

•More applications are available on Android market as compared to OS.

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