Brief intro of android tablet

Tablets became a curiosity when Apple introduced the iPad in 2010. And when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, it was Google who introduced the Android operating system after a few months. Then this was also developed in smartphone devices.


Tablet computers are a combination of smartphones and personal computers. Tablets have a faster processing system as compared to smartphones but a shorter processing power than a computer. They are very portable, longer battery life and are becoming more popular with the latest version Android 4 (called Ice Cream Sandwich).  Tablets are equipped with sensors, including cameras, microphone, accelerometer and touchscreen, with finger or stylus gestures replacing computer mouse and keyboard. Tablets may include physical buttons, e.g., to control the volume and power and ports for network communications and to charge the battery. You can watch videos, listen to music, surf the Web, read documents, play games and launch apps from a tablet. Many companies also develop apps and services for tablets.

Unlike computers, tablets are cotrolled by using fingers as it has a touch screen. You just have to gently touch the screen like a short tap if you have to select something from the list. To do something other than select an object, touch the screen and hold the finger there (a long touch), a menu list will usually appear. Lift your finger and then use it to select some desired operation. If a screen is showing a picture or text you can enlarge the picture or text by putting your thumb and forefinger (or any other two fingers) on the screen and opening them up. Similarly you can close them to reduce the picture or text.

Apps (Applications):

The programs that run on the tablet are called apps (applications). A tablet comes with many apps already installed when it is purchased but there are thousands of them available (some free some not) for downloading and installing on your tablet. They have icons or widgets on your home screen and to run any of these apps simply touch the appropriate one.

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