Why first time android users should not root their devices

Why first time android users should not root their devices


Android is like a universe. It consists of many features, applications, functions, processes etc. that can take years to be fully discovered and understood. Rooting does nothing but adds to the complexity of Android universe. It unlocks features that might look fascinating but need so many years of experience to be used properly. Professionals sometimes get lost in flashing the devices, installing custom ROMS etc. In this scenario, it is strongly recommended to the beginners NOT to root their phones.

Why beginners shouldn’t root their phones?

  1. Rooting may look simple but it is not. Many times users end up getting un-expected errors that do not let the rooting proceed and they fail to root the device
  2. If the instructions are not followed properly, user can end up bricking his/her phone and losing it forever. Remember that rooting voids your warranty which means that you cannot get your phone repaired by manufacturer.
  3. It is very unlikely for a beginner-unless he is genius- to cope up with the lengthy process of rooting; let alone dealing with the complexity that comes after that. Many times, users lose their entire data while trying to backup and they are left with nothing but regrets.
  4. No doubt rooting opens a whole new world to the users but for the first time users, the non-rooting world is too big to discover completely. He should first benefit from basic functions rather than trying to go to advanced level already.

It is rule of the world that everyone learns step by step. Either it is education or knowledge about Android devices. No one can master on a particular device / operating system in one use. Therefore, I advise the first time users to progress slowly. The non-rooting world of Android is fascinating too: get the most out of every feature before moving on the rooting world.

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