Five Best Android Tablet Apps


Google play has been creating new and unique apps for android based tablets. It is busy in making interesting and well refined apps that contains advanced version of traditional apps already in the use.  Above statistics shows that these mentioned apps have been so far the most popular and best apps downloaded for android tablets. Other than these some new apps have been in the play store which are suitable and do wonders for tablet users.

Let’s specify five best android tablet apps with their categories. When getting new tablet usual apps which are Facebook, Twitter or Skype has to be downloaded, as the need of the day.

  • Entertainment:

In this category YouTube has been the most favorite and liked app installed in tablets. On the other hand for the reader lovers Kindle has done miracles for them.


–          Kindle: – It is Amazon reading app which brings into line your e-books through all devices. It has been the best seller E reader. It helps readers to download, shop, browse for blogs, magazines, books or other type of digital media.


–          YouTube: –Although it’s been an old app it still attracts market. According to the survey above tablet users 31% have downloaded this app last month. Media also show content taken from YouTube. Most of the content is uploaded by youth but now channels also take it as a source of information. It is popular among all ages and both genders.


  • Social

–          Facebook: –it’s the most slick tablet friendly app which is convenient and portable to use anywhere.


  • Tools:

–          Drop box: –this app makes easy to access your files from your tablet. But there’s another use that might be of interest is that the service is great for simply receiving files from your computer to your phone without using a cable.

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