How to hide your Wi-Fi from Google’s location database

How to hide your Wi-Fi from Google’s location database. This one’s a tad off the demolished Android way yet is something you may as well think about. You may well have heard that Google, in an exertion to accelerate various things including area, has manufactured a database of Wi-Fi access focuses. The thought, obviously, is that if your telephone is in reached of one or more Apps, it’ll have a really exceptional thought of where you are, consequently speeding area administrations.


The flip side is that it’s not simply community focuses that have been indexed. Your home Wi-Fi may well be distinguished, excessively (and Google’s gotten in short amount of time of boiling point water for incidentally gathering more information than it may as well have).

Be that as it may you can now quit of having your Wi-Fi incorporated in Google’s database. To do so is straightforward enough. Simply change your SSID (that is the name of your hotspot) and add _nomap to the closure of it. (See our case above.) Takes something like 30 seconds to do, however you’ll need to reconnect your telephones and what not.

Google’s trusting that other area suppliers will additionally begin to utilize the _nomap string, and it’s got some supportive guidelines, if you require a hand with your switch.

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