How to install Android beta apps and .apk files

How to install Android beta apps and .apk files. What’s an .apk file? Each time we post about beta provisions, the remark area inexorably tops off with individuals confounded about how to download and introduce Android applications that are not in the Android Market. That being said, we can’t continue writing the same data, so here’s a straightforward demonstration of how to do it.

Designers frequently do beta testing, which is the place they disseminate a prerelease rendition of their application so they can have individuals test it before it’s transferred to the Android Market. They regularly disseminate these Android applications as .apk files. Here’s the means by which to introduce them.


Step 1: Download and Extract the file

Files are frequently circulated in “” or “appname.rar” chronicle files. Windows PC’s can ordinarily open .compress files gullibly; however you can download Winrar if your workstation doesn’t have that feature. Note: if the file you download looks like “appname.apk” you can skip to Step 2.

Open the file and Extract the file to “My Documents” or any viable organizer you can effectively access. You can additionally simply right-click “appname.rar” and select “Extract Here” as an alternate route.

Step 2: Mount your SD card

Unite your telephone and PC through a USB line. Drag down the Notification Bar on your telephone and after that press “USB Connected”. At that point press “Mount” on the tab that pops up.

You may as well then see a screen that resembles this:
Select “Open folder to view files”

Step 3: Copy the files to the SD card

Make note of the area of your SD card. Perceive how it says “Sony Ericsson D:” in the picture above? That is the drive letter.

Head off to the organizer where you downloaded or removed the appname.apk file. Right-click the file and select “Send to Sony Ericsson D:” (You can likewise simply drag it to the D: drive if that is simpler for you).

Step D: Installing

When the file has replicated, detach your telephone from the PC and after that download Astro from the Android Market.

Open Astro and head off to the /sdcard envelope. Click on appname.apk and afterward introduce the provision. Acknowledge the cautioning about introducing applications from entrusted sources. As long as you stay away from unlawful destinations and presentation the same the ability to think you use to secure your PC, you ought to be alright introducing from trusted designers.

Note: Astro likewise incorporates an approach to unzip files specifically inside the application, yet its best to utilize that when you download files straightforwardly on the telephone.

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