Most popular android tablet apps


Android apps have drastically improved in 2013. The most popular Android tablet apps are listed below:


This app actually keeps you aware of the weather so that you can plan your day accordingly. Is has got a nice, big, readable interface and its easy to swipe or tap a button to pull up hourly or 15-day forecasts, maps and videos.


This app acts like a “read it later” thing. On Android, at least, Pocket gives frequent updates and support for video. Articles are synced automatically and saved offline, with options to adjust the layout to your liking so that you can read the documents later.

E-books: Amazon Kindle for Android

It’s an e-book reader which enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking. The reader can chose from thousands of free e-books and can read anywhere. The feature includes adjusting the text size, change the screen’s brightness, choose the background color, and read in either portrait or landscape mode.


This app is a photo editor and having the essentials like cropping and adjusting exposure, saturation, contrast, and brightness and it even makes complex photo adjustments understandable and accessible.


The big screens on Android tablets make reading a joy as Flipboard takes stories from takes stories from around the web and reformats them into little pages of text and images, so you can flip through like a magazine. It even lets you flip horizontally through the pages instead of vertically, and puts more stories on each page.


OfficeSuite is a Office alternative for Android devices, with the ability to create or edit text documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations from a single app showing more editing options on the screen at once.

Walk away, AIM app. Go home, Facebook Messenger. is able to handle all types of social networking accounts, in addition to Skype, Google Talk, Steam and Myspace. When you provide imo with your account information for the above services, it will display each entry along with an on/off switch to let you log in or out. If you’re logged into more than one account at a time, imo displays all contacts in one combined tab, while a second tab holds your past chats. The app offers options to log conversations on

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