How To Use An Android Tablet



An android tablet is a simple device used nowadays by almost everyone. Android tablets are equipped with sensors, camera, microphones and  touchscreen to operate. Android operating system has gain so much popularity in very short span of time. With so many operating systems available in market these days, android tablet is considered as one of the easy-to-go device that can be used for multiple purposes. Android tablets are handy, easy to use and perform various functions like emails, HD videos, music, social networking, camera, navigation services etc. Android tablets are slightly different from android mobile phones, therefore use of both the devices differ. Here is a brief review to start-up your android tablets.

  1. Start-up

Start your android tablet according to the device instruction manual. You will need your google account to start-up your android system. This account will perform the function of your user ID. You can download various android apps and other features after signing up your google account.

  1. Understand

Understand the device functions, three basic functions keys are usually present in android tablet which further guide you towards your desired activities.

  • Home button: It helps you to return to the home screen of your tablet. If you are using any app or game, android system put up the app background and return you to the home screen.
  • Back button: It helps you to return to the previous page you were using.
  • Multi-tasking button: Android tablets having working on Ice cream sandwich or above OS, it provides you with the function of multitasking. Tapping this button will show you all the activities which you can perform simultaneously.


  1. Download  application

Android tablet have google play store which has wide collection of apps, tools and games. That will help you to customize your android tablet according to your desired taste.

  1. Speed up your device

Due to heavy OS and its apps sometimes the tablet start working slowly which effects the overall impact of the device. You can use firmware software to clean-up the device or keep updating the existing software for better results.

  1. Back up your data

Lastly make a backup data of your android tablet to avoid any mishap. You can use external device for that or Google cloud also helps in this regard.

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